Did Knox Knowingly Implant Memories for His Own Personal Gain?

Stephan Skotko fought to clear his name, and now he is fighting to take a stand against the unethical practice of implanting false memories.  In April 2012, the judge will decide the fate of this litigation in a Linn county court. The court will decide if there is enough evidence to accuse Marion Knox of knowingly harming his victims.

The Case:

The plaintiff, Stephan Skotko says, Knox knew good and well, that what he was doing was destroying lives and tearing apart families. In 2009, Stephan Skotko bravely stepped forward and began sharing his story. Stephan Skotko formerly of Albany, Oregon was accused of sexual abuse based upon repressed memory therapy. He says in court documents that his nightmare all began in late 2002.

Stephan and his wife had been referred to Knox for Christian counseling, little did he know how this experience would change his life, and not for the better. Those counseling sessions came back to haunt him. On Sept. 22, 2008, Stephan was arrested and charged with sexual abuse. Skotko spent three days in jail.

The case was thoroughly investigated, failed to be indicted by the grand jury, and all charges were dropped. However, the damage had been done, Stephan was barred from his residence by a restraining order. He subsequently lost his contracting business, which he said took him 25 years to build. He was left with nothing.

Skotko spent the next few months going over the case in his head, what had happened? Skotko decided that he had to do something. Knox had brain washed his family, but how? He began to do some research and in the meantime recruited the help of a few close friends.

What he discovered was startling. He began reading an interview that he found on line. http://www.whale.to/b/knox_h.html This explained a lot, Marion Knox had an agenda and that agenda is to convince the world that his theories are correct. If Marion can convince his clients that they have been victimized than it proves his theories.

Who is Marion Knox?

Marion Knox is a self-proclaimed gospel singer, farmer and deliverance counselor. For several years now, he says he has helped set people free from the affects of ritual abuse and mind control, however many of his clients are stepping forward to say that Marion has done nothing but destroy their reputations and their families. In Marion Knox’s defense he says, that he has done nothing wrong.

Knox is a very interesting and diverse individual and some of his thoughts and ideas have surfaced and they are quite controversial.

Knox is caught up in a few conspiracy theories, and is claiming that he has uncovered startling information concerning the inner-workings of the Illuminati, the Rothschild’s, and he even has a possible end-times scenario.

In an article written by Ron Patton, Marion confesses that he believes that the root of many of mankind’s problems today stem from the practice of sodomy. Marion explains that the majority of his clients have been sodomized and yet they have no recollection of it, so it’s up to Marion Knox to place them through a series of deliverance sessions.

As you can see this case has all the elements of a soapbox drama and in April 2012, the judge will decide the fate of this litigation.


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Teila Tankersley is a freelance writer, author, wife, and mother of six. She highlights stories that are upbeat and sometimes even controversial. Her motto is - Changing the world - one word, one sentence and one paragraph at a time.
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